Broadwick Live introduces new Drumsheds venue

Featured Image: Antoine J. on Unsplash

An old IKEA warehouse in Tottenham, London is set to be transformed into a 15,000-capacity cultural venue. 

The new 608,000-square-foot venue has been unveiled as Drumsheds, and will host a programme of music, arts, culture and community events.

Owner Broadwick Live is the team behind other music and events venues such as Printworks London, Beams, Magazine London and Depot Mayfield in Manchester.

Broadwick introduced 5,000-capacity indoor venue the Beams and 400,00-square-foot open-air venue Dockyards in 2022.

It was announced in July last year that Printworks would be closing to accommodate a wider redevelopment by the local council. Broadwick hopes to reopen Printworks at some point in 2026.

The name Drumsheds was inspired by Broadwick’s previous 10,000-capacity Drumsheds space, which closed last year.

Drumsheds is set to open in September and will feature several spaces. The X Room will act as the main space of the venue and will be able to accommodate up to 15,000 people.

The Y Room will be able to accommodate a capacity of 5,000, while The Z Room will have a more intimate setting and is capable of holding up to 1,000 gig-goers. The 5,000-capacity Gallery area will be located on the second level, offering a space for hire.

The Yard will be the venue’s dedicated outdoor events space, dedicated to hosting events such as festivals, summer parties and street food markets.