Ticketing issues for Netball World Cup attendees

Featured Image: Michael Gaida from Pixabay

Netball World Cup attendees encountered numerous issues surrounding ticketing for the recent tournament, which saw yesterday’s (Sunday’s) final result in victory for Australia over England.

The Netball World Cup took place in South Africa and utilised local ticket provider Plankton. 

According to a report from ABC News, some Australian fans had paid up to A$5,000 (£2,578/€2990/$3,283) for travel packages, but were faced with issues as Plankton Tickets only assigned their seats on arrival each day. 

This resulted in double bookings, with some Australian fans having to move around several times before they were able to watch the first semi-final between New Zealand and England. The article added that the same fans then faced similar issues for the second semi-final between Australia and Jamaica. Some missed the start of the game while they sorted out the issue at the ticket office. 

During a press conference earlier last week, Plankton chief executive Carel Hoffmann was forced to defend the sales around the final. He insisted that it had sold out but was not oversold. 

Prices for the tournament ranged between R700 and R1,100 during the group matches. 

As reported by ABC, World Netball chief executive Clare Briegal said: “We ask them to put forward their ticketing strategy and help them think about what they are benchmarking against […] as there is a role for World Netball to help hosting nations raise the value of the game. 

“In this case they were coming up against other sporting events not only in Cape Town and South Africa, but other high-profile world events [like the FIFA Women’s World Cup].

“So there’s always a balance to be struck on these matters and we look to the size of the venue, the capacity … For the preliminary sessions we probably could have been more sophisticated about the marketing and the local organising committee were quick to act and give partners tickets to give out to the community.”

The Netball World Cup took place in Cape Town between July 28 and August 6.