‘The future of events in India is on the cusp of a remarkable transformation’

Featured Image: BookMyShow

Featured Image: BookMyShow

BookMyShow, which alongside AEG Presents will bring Ed Sheeran to India next year, has revealed details of technology that will accompany the British singer’s performance.

According to BookMyShow Live, the live entertainment division of BookMyShow, in a first for India, the concert will feature a 360-degree circular and revolving stage. The set-up will match up with the rest of the singer’s ‘Mathematics Tour’ performances across the globe. 

The India concert is set to take place at Mumbai’s Mahalaxmi Racecourse on March 16, with the revolving stage allowing fans to see Sheeran from all angles. 

It will be the first time Sheeran has played in India since 2017, with the dates making up part of the Asia leg of his latest world tour. 

The outer ring of the stage, which will be studded with the maths symbols from the tour, will revolve at a slow pace, allowing Sheeran to interact with the audience throughout the venue. A constellation of a state-of-the-art sound system and visual displays will orbit the stage, to provide a truly immersive experience. The stage will also be surrounded by four towers acting as the stage for each band member along with Sheeran, who will perform from the central 360-degree revolving stage accompanied by two-way LED screens. 

“The future of events in India is on the cusp of a remarkable transformation,” said Owen Roncon, BookMyShow’s chief of business – live entertainment.

“Our endeavour at BookMyShow Live is to consistently push the boundaries of how live entertainment is experienced here at par with global standards. In line with that, we are thrilled to bring this ground-breaking, production wonder with the 360-degree circular, revolving stage to the Indian audience for the Ed Sheeran: + – = ÷ x Tour (Mathematics Tour). With this innovative production, auditory experience and the technological integration, the tour comes to India as a work of art where technology waltzes with creativity, weaving an enchanting blend of visuals and sound; ensuring in fact that it truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

BookMyShow has extended the fan experience into the city of Mumbai, with an 800-square-foot mural of the impending production. Passing fans can use Augmented Reality (AR) to bring the wall to life; a QR code will redirect fans to Instagram, opening up a special Sheeran filter. By pointing the phone camera towards the 360-degree stage on the mural, fans will be able to enjoy a short animation that will demonstrate the fun of the concert.