MLS clubs alter ticket deals, prices for games featuring Messi

Featured Image: Francis Bourgouin/CC BY-SA 2.0/Edited for size

Major League Soccer (MLS) club New York Red Bulls (pictured) has reportedly added a Lionel Messi clause to its holiday ticket promotion for next season’s opening game. 

Should New York Red Bulls’ opening game be against Inter Miami CF, the club of the Argentine footballer, then it will not be included in the special deal.

According to a report from ESPN, an email was distributed earlier this week offering a two-game ‘Holiday Pack’ that includes next season’s opening home game and the derby against rivals New York City FC.

Prices for ticket packs range from $98 (£78/€90) to $495 for club seats. However, there was an asterisk next to the home opener which directed fans to the bottom of the email to explain: “If RBNY plays Inter Miami CF in the home opener, each home opener ticket will be replaced with a ticket to RBNY’s second home match.”

Last year, MLS announced the upcoming season’s schedule on December 20.

The report added that RBNY was not the only MLS club to alter its ticket prices for games that could feature World Cup winner Messi, with Columbus Crew also announcing it will charge between $382 – $679 for tickets to its home match against Inter Miami next year.