New online ticketing course aims to develop leaders of the future

Photo by Mitch Rosen on Unsplash

A new online course has been launched to guide and develop the ticketing and entertainment leaders of tomorrow.

The ‘Sold Out: An Introduction to Ticketing Sports Events’ course covers the ticketing ecosystem and offers CPD certification, ensuring that the content aligns with professional development standards. It has been developed by Glosancon Sports, a consultancy specialised in ticketing.

Topics covered in the syllabus include project management in ticketing, ticketing reporting and strategy, sales and distribution approaches.

Glosancon Sports said participants can expect to gain an improved understanding of the ticketing process, going beyond the traditional view of ticketing as merely a sales activity. This course emphasises the significance of ticketing in creating memorable experiences and its multifaceted role in the sports industry.

Ticketing is often “overlooked”

Glosancon Sports director Shah-Zeib Ahmed said the course is specifically curated for sports business and event management students, as well as professionals in the early stages of their careers in sports and event management.

“Many of us in the world of ticketing have “somehow” found ourselves in this profession that creates memories for so many people attending events,” said Ahmed, who was head of ticketing for the 2021 Rugby League World Cup and has worked at the last three FIFA World Cups.

“While many of us – ticketing professionals – are often referred to as ‘wizards of our craft’, I firmly believe that in the sports business and events industry, ticketing remains to be overlooked despite the wide variety ticketing offers and the impacts it delivers.

“This course is an attempt to change this perception of ticketing and bring aspiring sports business and event management professionals closer to the exciting world of ticketing and show them that there is more to ticketing than just selling tickets.”

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