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Disney looks to crack down on fake tickets across theme parks

Featured Image: Younho Choo on Unsplash

The Walt Disney Company is aiming to crack down on fake tickets across its theme parks, after filing a new patent for an admissions system that mixes digital and physical passes.

Disney Enterprises, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, filed the patent in 2023 before it was published this month, according to the Orlando Inno.

Titled ‘Systems and Methods to Produce a Physical Article that Provides Admission Authorisation to an Event Which Correlates to a Digital Asset from a Temporary Wallet,’ the patent discusses a system of connected digital and physical tickets.

The system would help to crack down on fraudulent tickets with the terms of the transaction written into the digital code, and the data protected. The ticket has been described as primarily digital, but would also be available to guests as a physical printed copy.

A timeline of the potential implementation of this new ticketing system has not been shared.