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Enhancing the theme park guest experience with AI and data

Featured Image: Edwin Soto

Fobi, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data intelligence company based in Vancouver, Canada, is set to create up to one million digital tickets for a new partner to be sold across theme park channels.

While Fobi did not name the new partner, the company said it had signed a deal with a ticketing sales and advertising services provider in the US, with the aim of offering a digital and personalised concierge experience for theme park guests. 

The wallet pass technology allows organisers and management to deliver personalised updates directly to guests’ mobile devices. The functionality opens up communication opportunities for operators, including weather updates, security notifications, daily park schedules, promotional offers and post-visit messages. 

Additionally, data gathered on attendee preferences and consumer reviews will provide operators with the opportunity to identify areas for improvement to enhance the visitor experience. 

Attendees can also add tickets to their Apple and Google wallets, and thanks to the integration of SmartScan software, will benefit from easy and smooth access. 

With pass bundling, theme park operators will be able to seamlessly incorporate a new feature set and paid media channel. While unlocking valuable data, it will also enhance monetisation strategies.

“We are thrilled to embark on this new journey in efforts to help transform and shape the guest experience for theme park operators,” said Rob Anson, chief executive of Fobi AI. 

“With theme parks offering a variety of ticket tiers, such as single-day, multi-day, park-to-park, VIP, and front-of-line access, our pass bundling technology will not only drastically streamline the ticketing process but also allow operators and attendees to consolidate their various offerings. This includes adding various add-ons to their mobile wallet tickets, such as pre-purchased goods like gift cards, food and beverage purchases, merchandise, and meet-and-greet opportunities, to name a few.”