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NTIA enters into partnership with Institute of Hospitality

Featured Image: Image by luxstorm from Pixabay

The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) has formed a strategic partnership with the Institute of Hospitality in what has been described as a major move.

The aim of the collaboration is for both organisations to assist in better supporting their members on key industry issues.

It comes after the Institute helped raise the profile of the NTIA’s campaign last month to contact MPs with the goal of cutting VAT ahead of the Spring Budget.

“In an industry facing immense challenges, this collaboration is a beacon of hope,” said NTIA chief executive Michael Kill.

“Together, we amplify the voices of our members, advocating for crucial support, professional development and understanding from policymakers.

“Our recent efforts to advocate for VAT cuts showcased the power of collective action. Though we didn’t secure immediate relief, we ignited conversations and empowered our community to speak out.

“Now, united with the Institute, we elevate our mission to champion the Night-Time Industry’s vital contributions. This partnership isn’t merely about alliances; it’s about leveraging expertise to bolster our members’ resilience and prosperity. Through enriched resources and inclusive dialogues, we pave the way for a stronger, more vibrant hospitality landscape.”

The Institute of Hospitality represents more than 16,000 global hospitality members. It states that it is committed to providing lifelong learning and raising standards across the industry.

The partnership is expected to produce a variety of activities throughout the year which will focus on live events and online professional development workshops.

“Our partnership with the NTIA is about bringing different expertise together and providing broader support to our collective membership,” said the Institute of Hospitality chief executive Robert Richardson.

“Both organisations bring different skills to the table and working together can only strengthen our passion to help our members feel supported and access a range of educational resources previously unavailable to them.”