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Yungblud launches own music festival to combat high ticket prices

Yungblud has launched his own music festival, Bludfest, and is aiming to make it as affordable as possible after stating he is tired of inflated ticket prices.

The event is set to take place on August 11 at the Milton Keynes Bowl with tickets having a fixed price point of £49.50 ($62.35/€57.60).

Yungblud, whose real name is Dominic Harrison, is undertaking the venture because of his view that festivals are not currently representative of people.

“It’s like massive ticket charges, massive prices that most of the time aren’t really going to the artist anyway,” he said of typical festival prices to The Associated Press.

He added that music festivals are becoming inaccessible when they should be about “having fun and making memories”.

Yungblud tops the billing which also includes American rapper Lil Yachty, Soft Play, Nessa Barrett, Lola Young, and Jazmin Bean. The Damned are also playing in an “icons” slot.

“Five years ago we imagined a world of our own,” Yungblud wrote on social media.

“In BLUDFEST we are physically going to build one.

“This will be a physical safe space where people can come and celebrate the ideologies of this community – where unity, individuality and love is the main focus and we bring the world of Yungblud to life right before your eyes.

“I wanted to build an experience where anyone can be completely themselves, with their friends, their family or completely on their own.

“I want to create an experience that blurs the lines of genre, destroys the limitation of imagination, cuts the corporate bull**** and is all about people coming together.”

The festival will include a “Make a Friend” option for fans attending alone. They will be able talk online before the event via Discord, or go to a designated tent to meet people in person.

Yungblud hopes to expand the event into different countries if the inaugural edition in the UK is a success.