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See Tickets hiring industry vets to boost service

See Tickets is committing its business plan to marketing and service by hiring industry veterans from competitors, Amplify Magazine reports.

The company, which first launched in 2014, focused primarily on artist ticketing with Universal Music Group before shifting the business following its acquisition of Flavorus.

Since then, Vivendi-owned See Tickets has expanded its employee base with seasoned professionals to help with event set up, onsite access control, box office management, fraud protection and marketing, which is a big area of support for promoters.

“We acquired Flavorus last year, restructured and rebranded the business and are now investing heavily in people, service and technology. It’s very exciting,” said Boris Patronoff, See Tickets North America chief executive, according to Amplify Mag.

“We feel really good about where we stand. We have a strong platform that’s not just solid technology — it’s also the team and the services we offer.”

Patronoff, who said he has seen his company grow its client base by more than 50 per cent in 2017, is working with founder Rob Wilmshurst, who created the company in Nottingham, to differentiate itself from other ticketing firms.

Both executives have said they are working hard to become a service company, rather than just a software firm.

The ticketing company said that no two promoters are the same, and tailoring its offerings is important to be successful. See Tickets offers custom marketing and reporting solutions, web design and development services and the ability to tap into its owner’s larger pool of resources.

Wilmshurst said: “People want to work with us because we have credibility and they know we’re not going to say ‘here’s our platform, call us when you need something.’

“We’re going to show up at your planning meetings and on site to help make sure the ticketing process runs smoothly.

“We’ve won business because we’ve focused on service because we are independent from any large promoter,” Wilmshurst said.

See Tickets is not seeking funding or new investors, unlike many of its competitors, according to Wilmshurst.

“When we talk service, we’re talking from A to Z,” Patronoff told Amplify. “We’re providing services for ticketing, marketing, financing and more. People call me directly to talk about their event, how we can help drive more tickets sales or fund working capital needs, etc. – we’re here to help and whatever the promoter has a need or an issue with, we’re going to try to address or fix it.”