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Glownet highlights potential in cashless data

UK event organiser Glownet is celebrating after using cashless payment technology for a landmark 500th event.

The company uses RFID to deliver ticketing and access control, cashless payments, crew management, social media activations, loyalty programmes and customer insight solutions to music festivals, food and beverages festivals, nightclubs, trade shows and sporting events.

Glownet first introduced its system over five years ago when the technology was still somewhat of a novelty. Since then, the company has powered 500 events in 38 countries.

Scott Witters, chief executive of Glownet, said, according to Event Industry News: “It is amazing to see the growth the market and Glownet has seen over the years. We are incredibly proud to have reached the 500-event milestone.

“It is a clear sign that adoption is accelerating and I am convinced that cashless events will soon become the standard.

“Many event promoters and brands still need to be convinced of the opportunities and benefits of cashless.”

Witters added: “A well-executed cashless event has the opportunity to remove the main bottlenecks for users, create a better experience and in turn increase profits. We see spend uplifts of up to 40 per cent, which is quite incredible.”

A cashless platform offers huge potential for user loyalty as it allows brands and promoters to create personal engagement with the user, Glownet added. Users can be offered exclusive VIP access, special discounts, and loyalty rewards at the event.

In addition, ticketing data collected at the event offers organisers and brands a wealth of opportunities. It allows for measuring on-site effectiveness, cross-event promotions and audience profiling.

According to Witters, this critical data alone should encourage any festival organiser to use a cashless event platform.

“Our partners like Sonar in Barcelona, Howler in South Africa and WeWork Summer Camp in the UK realised that the user experience should go far beyond the two days on site,” Witters added. “Thanks to our data intelligence suite these partners are able to create long-lasting profitable relationships with users.”

Image: Glownet