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NHL’s Hurricanes seek enhanced fan engagement with KORE

NHL ice hockey franchise the Carolina Hurricanes has upgraded its partnership with KORE Software as part of a move to improve engagement with fans at its PNC Arena home.

Under the enhanced deal, the team has added KORE’s Sponsorship and Partner Engagement, Suites & Premium, and Data Warehouse & Analytics applications to its technology stack.

The franchise has been using KORE’s Ticketing & Fan Engagement platform since 2015 and will now have access to a selection of tools and analytics that stretch beyond ticket sales.

Using Data Warehouse & Analytics, the Hurricanes will be able to incorporate different data sources including social media, Ticketmaster, Eloqua email marketing, POS on items such as concessions and merchandise inside the building through Quest.

In addition, the team can incorporate parking information through ParkHub.

Brett Broich, vice-president of business strategy and analytics at the Hurricanes, said: “We already had KORE’s ticketing platform. As we build out our BI tools and sponsorship management software, it was both important and more efficient to have all these components within one ecosystem. It simplified the entire process.

“Our analytic efforts had previously focused primarily on ticketing, but we wanted to take it one step forward and analyse other revenue impacting aspects of the organisation beyond just ticketing.

“That’s why adding additional KORE software services was a clear choice.”

Broich also said the franchise next year plans to incorporate additional sources into its analytical ecosystem.

Image: KORE PR