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Irish gov say anti-touting bill isn’t enough

The Irish government has revealed it did not support the recent anti-touting bill that would see price inflation on resale sites banned.

Sinn Féin TD Maurice Quinlivan’s bill would make it illegal to resell tickets above 10 per cent of the face value.

However, department officials said in a meeting last month that capping resale prices wouldn’t put an end to ticket touting.

They also noted that the number of entertainment events per year that see significant reselling was “generally no more than 10,” and that music and sports fans would still be let down when they can’t get tickets for high-demand events.

Minister for Enterprise Mary Mitchell O’Connor explained that the secondary market’s existence is “crucial” to keep the ticketing business both legal and fair.

“Irish consumers will not be better off either if legislation here causes ticket resale to be diverted to [other European Union] countries that permit it,” she said, according to TicketNews.

With no imminent deadline, it seems Ireland’s Government is currently not keen to introduce anti-touting laws as they stand.

Image: MaxPixel