Singapore government urged to avoid resale price cap

The Singapore’s Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing has urged the government to not put a price cap on ticket resales, stating that consumers should instead protect themselves.

Chan was responding to a parliamentary question on ticket scalpers that asked whether a bill halting the resale of concert and sports tickets above face value would be considered.

Chan said, according to Channel News Asia: “Generally, there is no prohibition against the resale of goods and services, including concerts and sports events tickets, subject to the terms and conditions of the original seller.

“The margin which resellers can command is freely determined between willing buyers and sellers. This means that the resale price can end up being higher or lower than the original price.”

He continued that consumers should instead take steps in order to safeguard themselves ahead of buying tickets. He explained that some examples of this could be reading the terms and conditions of tickets before purchasing, as well as comparing the resale price with the original price.

Chan went on to say that consumers should approach official event organisers if they are unsure of a ticket’s legitimacy.

Those that feel they have been a victim of “unfair trading practices”, such as false and misleading claims, can contact the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) for help in seeking redress, Chan added.

Image: Erwin Soo