South Korea to crack down on ticket scalping with law revision

Featured Image: Wendy Wei

The South Korean Government announced recently that the law revision banning the use of macro tools to purchase tickets has come into effect. 

This revision of the Public Performance Act will help crackdown on widespread ticket scalping issues in the country.

Ticket scalping has been part of widespread conversations over the last six months in South Korea.

A public petition was launched towards the end of last year by the Record Label Industry Association of Korea.

In the petition, Record Label Industry Association of Korea chairman Yoon Dong-hwan claimed that ticket scalping was “cancerous” to society.

The revision specifies that no one shall illegally purchase tickets for concerts and shows using computer programming tools for automated repetitive inputs, for the purpose of reselling tickets.

South Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said that those found guilty of violation could receive up to one year in prison or a 10 million won (£6,000/€7,000/$7,500) fine.

“Ticket scalping threatens the basis of the market order for our culture and sports, and we (the ministry) will take severe actions against it … The Culture Ministry will implement various policies that can root out and prevent ticket scalping, thus restoring the order in the distribution system of culture and sports fields,” Culture Minister Yu In-chon said, according to The Korea Herald.

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