PouchNATION launches temperature-monitoring wristband

Singapore-based PouchNATION, an offline-to-online solution for events and recreational venues in Asia, has launched a temperature-monitoring wristband for households and businesses to help mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

PouchPASS, which uses bluetooth technology, will record body temperatures and continuously sync temperature data to a mobile application and/or dashboard for multiple users.

Its features allow for contact tracing, and early detection of raised temperatures, tools which will help mitigate COVID-19 transmission by allowing both households and businesses to perform their own health screening checks.

Ilya Kravtsov, PouchNATION’s chief executive, said: “We were handling hundreds of events every year and our technology was managing millions of guests across the region, providing insights to consumer behaviour, ticketing and crowd management. Then all of a sudden, COVID-19 happened; the largest event of our lifetime.

“Understanding immediately the gravity of the situation we decided to redirect our knowledge and resources to something that we knew would help in protecting lives and establishing the fundamentals for a better tomorrow. I am extremely proud of the result that the team managed to achieve in this short period of time.”

The solution is applicable to multi-scale situations from individuals and households to larger scale places such as schools, factories, department stores, airports and any other venue.

The PouchBAND Plus version of the bracelet is also available with RFID microchips, integrating PouchNATION’s traditional NFC features of access control, attendance records, cashless payments, door lockers and vending machine integrations.

The company said the NFC upgrade is recommended for events, schools and organisations where multiple applications of attendance, meal purchase, event ticketing and entry permissions may be simultaneously implemented.

Koen van Geene, PouchNATION’s task force director for the new feature, added: “RFID enabled cashless payments, geolocation, ticketing, POS development – all these are our traditional tech tools providing very detailed analytics and patron behaviour reports.

“The World Health Organisation studies completed in China and Europe indicate that 89.1% of the COVID-19 patients had fever as the major symptom, so adding a temperature monitor to our wristbands adds a layer of reassurance for guests and organisers alike when activity and businesses resume.

“The scenarios where this technology can be used are endless; sports, venues, events, factories, schools, hospitals, prisons, public transport, and so on. We also wanted to make sure this product would be available to the masses, so the price point has been a very important consideration for us in the launch of PouchPASS.”