ALIFE prepared to take legal action to help Malaysian industry

Featured Image: Benjamin Sow on Unsplash

The Association of Live Event Organisers has threatened legal action as it aims to safeguard live events from political interference.

The organisation has previously called on the Malaysian government to not politicise concerts after it did not allow certain acts into the country for scheduled performances at the Loy Krathong Festival in Kelantan.

It suggested that political interference is causing Malaysia to miss out on attracting major events, while Singapore recently welcomed US superstar Taylor Swift.

“Despite recent triumphs, ALIFE faces opposition from political and religious groups calling for the cancellation of concerts featuring artists associated with ‘sinful’ activities or supporting certain communities,” read an ALIFE statement.

“Calls for such cancellation of acclaimed acts like Blackpink, Billie Eilish, Coldplay, and Ed Sheeran highlight this issue. ALIFE denounces this targeting, noting the irony when far more controversial and explicit content is easily accessible through digital platforms beyond political control.”

ALIFE states it would not hesitate in taking legal action against baseless claims and discriminatory acts. It is a stance that it claims champions cultural diversity and individuals’ right to access entertainment freely.

“Live events are pivotal in boosting Malaysia’s international reputation and driving economic growth. However, bureaucratic inefficiencies and political pressures threaten to hinder our industry’s potential,” said ALIFE President Rizal Kamal.

“We have the opportunity to bring much needed external income into the country through music tourism. Our infrastructure, cost structure and value of ringgit makes Malaysia an attractive destination for concerts and shows. We cannot allow certain groups to derail Malaysia’s effort to be more competitive in the region, especially if it’s just to boost their own individual or political standing.”

Swift’s successful tour that visited Singapore has been given as an example of the economic potential of live events, with ALIFE saying it is committed to overcoming barriers hindering its competitiveness.

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