Authentix launches new platform with help from Ne-Yo

Featured image credit: Lunchbox LP/CC BY 2.0/Edited for size

Featured image credit: Lunchbox LP/CC BY 2.0/Edited for size

Authentix has launched a digital ticketing platform that will enable customers to purchase their tickets as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and unlock exclusive opportunities and experiences.

Authentix is part of the Get Protocol ecosystem and uses blockchain technology to issue tickets with a high level of security. Tickets are issued with a locked, personalised QR code which cannot be duplicated and each ticket transaction is recorded, lowering the threat of scalping attempts and ticket fraud. 

As part of its introduction, Authentix has partnered with singer Ne-Yo (pictured) to offer NFTs to fans  as part of a meet and greet package for his ongoing UK tour.

Ne-Yo said: “Digital collectibles are the future and I’m incredibly excited to work with Authentix to put NFTs right in the hands of my fans. The company has the potential to create disruptive event experiences across the globe and bring entertainers and fans closer together than ever before in a secure way.”

Authentix chief executive Tishawn Gayle added: “With our technology, we’re looking to revolutionise the way event organisers and attendees interact with one another. 

“We’re thrilled to partner with Ne-Yo to connect with his fans in an unprecedented way and we truly feel the opportunities are endless. Authentix has the capability to safely bolster the event experience across all sectors, from corporate to entertainment.”