Northern Territory research shows benefits of community events

Research commissioned by the Northern Territory Major Events Company in Australia has found that community events have provided significant economic benefits to the area. 

The 22 events that received support through the Northern Territory Major Events Company’s Event Funding Programme delivered a gross expenditure stimulus of A$39.8m (£22m/€25m/$26m) to the Territory in 2021-2022.

These events also brought in 110,194 visitors to the area.

Events held during this period include the Darwin Fringe, Chariots of Thunder, Katherine Ultra, Alice Springs Beanie Festival and Darwin Lions Beer Can Regatta. The 22 events included in the research attracted large attendances with 14,874 visitors travelling to the region specifically for the event.

These events also delivered an average Net Promoter Score of 63%, with a score over 60% deemed as ‘good’ meaning attendees are more likely to recommend the experience to a friend or colleague.

Head of events and operations Coryn Buddy said: “We are thrilled with the research results and are proud to fund events that not only shine a light on the Territory and back local businesses, but give more interstate visitors a reason to come here.”

The research also showed that 95.1% of survey respondents believed the funding in events was a good investment. A further 88.2% agreed the event they attended made them feel the Territory is an accepting and inclusive place.