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Floors Castle turns to Vennersys to update attractions management system

Featured image credit: Vennersys/Edge Creative

Floors Castle has recently enlisted integrated ticketing, retail and visitor management company Vennersys to update its attractions management system. 

The 300-year-old castle is nestled in the picturesque Scottish Borders and makes up the centrepiece of the Roxburghe Estate, which is home to the Duke of Roxburghe and his family.

Floors Castle traditionally used calculator tills with no electronic point-of-sale (EPoS) system or online ticketing functionality. Vennersys implemented its VenposCloud system and the attraction now benefits from the introduction of automatic data collection and reporting tools, online ticketing and management functionalities, as well as constant customer support.

Vennersys’ ticketing and admissions systems have helped Floors Castle to organise and manage the ticketing of day-to-day entry and planning of their events. The admissions software utilises a QR code system which can be used for general admissions, and repeat or one-off events.

Floors Castle operations manager Matthew Thompson said: “Vennersys have been incredible since day one of working with us. First of all, the VenposCloud system does absolutely everything you need it to do, and I can barely find a fault with their offering. The system saves us hours in admin time every single week and being able to do online ticketing and memberships has increased our revenue, but those aren’t even the main reasons we still choose to work with Vennersys.”

Floors Castle not only welcomes visitors but also hosts weddings, seasonal events, tours and more throughout the year. The estate also boasts multiple gardens, cafés, woodland walks and a cycle trail.