Basket of Light festival employs tiered ticket system for 2023 event

Featured image credit: Harry Grout on Unsplash

Basket of Light festival is utilising a tiered ticketing system for its 2023 event, with attendees paying prices in relation to their income. 

The UK festival will take place from June 8-11 in a secret location, which will be sent to ticket-holders closer to the time. However, organisers state on the website that it will be within 3.5 hours of London.

Ticket prices will cost 0.6% of a person’s yearly income, with the cheapest ticket costing £60 (€68/$74). This means that if a person’s annual income is £10,000, the ticket will cost £60 and if a buyer’s income totals £23,500, a ticket will be £141. Should a person take home £50,000, a ticket will cost £300. Organisers recently announced that the lowest tier tickets have already sold out.

Organisers said: “We think the only way to create a truly open space is to sell tickets based on how much you earn, and what you own. Income and property ownership are the biggest social dividers in Britain – even though some of the most important jobs in our society receive the worst pay (support the strikes).

“We believe it’s the way to go for all festivals that want to be fair and inclusive, while still making sure that every artist gets paid. It relies on your honesty.”

The tiered system also takes property ownership into consideration for ticket prices, and the festival requires an average of £132 for the system to work and for the event to take place.

Organisers added: “If you are a property owner, or are affluent with a low income because you’re studying, the lowest ticket price is also £132 – the average we need to make this work.

“If you earn more but have caring responsibilities or other challenges, please get in touch. Lower income tickets are limited. Please only buy if this really applies to you. Again, we can only do this if you help us make this work so we can run the festival.”

Under-12s are allowed on site for free but parents will have to select a free ticket when buying their own. Young people between the ages of 12 and 21 will not be allowed on site due to licensing restrictions.