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NITO backed by agents, managers and artists to tackle unfair concert ticketing

Featured Image: Antoine J. on Unsplash

The National Independent Talent Organisation (NITO) has teamed up with independent agents, managers and artists to tackle unfair concert ticketing in the US.

NITO was formed during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, and worked alongside the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) and other stakeholders to help secure Shuttered Venue Operating Grants for venues, centres, agents and managers, worth $16.5bn (£13.3bn/€15bn). 

Now, NITO is focusing on ticketing in the US, and has pledged to fight for nine major changes across its NITO Ticketing Platform. 

NITO is fighting for itemised all-in ticketing, where fees are clearly separated from face-value; fee transparency, where all fees are clearly listed and included; a cap on ticket fees; fan-to-fan value transfer with no additional fees; a right for the artist or representative to control the terms of resale on their own tickets; a ban on speculative ticketing on the secondary market; a ban on primary ticketing platforms taking place in and profiting from secondary market sales; the ability for artists to access their own ticket buyer data for their use, and stronger laws and enforcement to end ticketing bots. 

Some 45 NITO member independent management companies and booking agencies have publicly endorsed, and will work to implement, the NITO Ticketing Platform. 

Further steps include NITO partnering with like-minded organisations to help pass federal and state legislation that will protect artists and fans. NITO will work to lobby legislators, promoters and ticketing companies, and will create awareness through a campaign to educate the industry and fans on the issues surrounding ticketing. 

NITO president, High Road Touring’s Frank Riley, said: “Excessive ticketing surcharges and the secondary market represent a direct threat to a healthy live music business community.”

Magnus Media chief executive and NITO executive board member, Michel Vega, added: “The magic of the live concert is in that unique moment when fans can experience a deep, in-person connection with their favourite artist. Unfortunately, the very beginning of that concert going experience  – the ticket buying process itself  – has become a very distasteful transaction. In that regard, we as an industry are neglecting the fans, who are the very ones that put food on everyone’s table.”