Ticket Tailor and Tixel announce integration partnership

Featured Images: Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash

White label ticketing platform Ticket Tailor and ticket resale marketplace Tixel have announced an integration partnership, that will see the two companies work to offer a full-cycle, safe, ethical, fairly priced ticketing solution for event organisers and attendees.

Features of the partnership will include leveraging APIs to validate the authenticity of resale tickets in real-time, and reissuing a brand new ticket to the buyer to ensure that all Ticket Tailor tickets sold on Tixel are legitimate. 

By integrating Tixel, event organisers will also be able to take control over how their tickets are resold in a bid to eradicate scalping, and have full visibility of those walking through the gates to events. 

“We’ve watched the rise of Tixel over the last few years and have always felt an affinity between what they are trying to achieve and what we offer at Ticket Tailor,” said George Follett, Ticket Tailor’s commercial director. 

“We believe that bringing our platforms together offers a truly ethical solution for festivals and events who are looking to disrupt the status quo of excessive booking fees, fake tickets and price gouging. We can’t wait to see this integration having an impact on ticket buyers and event organisers around the world.”

Transparency is a key aspect of the partnership. For example, potential resale ticket buyers able to pre-authorise credit cards to automatically buy when tickets are listed on Tixel, meaning Ticket Tailor event organisers can gauge real-time market demand. 

The functionality of the integration will be available immediately to all event organisers utilising Ticket Tailor to set up an event, thanks to a simple integration from their event dashboard. 

Zac Leigh, co-founder and chief executive of Tixel, added: “We love the ethos of Ticket Tailor. The team has really embraced and adapted to the behaviours of today’s ticket buyer and changing market conditions to bring about the best possible outcomes for their event organiser customers. Keeping fees low is great for organisers and fans alike and it aligns so nicely with Tixel’s mission to get more people to the events they love.”