Yourope develops sustainability guidelines for European festivals

Featured Image: Antoine J. on Unsplash

Yourope – The European Festival Association has developed a ‘European Green Festival Roadmap 2030’, which is offering European festivals and events a guide for sustainable actions, and measures to accomplish green goals.

The Roadmap is a factor of Yourope’s three-year project ‘Future-Fit Festivals’.

The guidelines are based on the requirement of the EU Green Deal, which includes cutting emissions by at least 55% by 2030. It has also considered the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and industry requirements. 

The European Green Festival Roadmap 2030 was developed with support from A Greener Future (AGF) and Greener Events Norway, as well as Yourope’s Go Group (Green Operations Europe) think tank.

Not only will the guidelines support the festival sector in finding the appropriate measures to fight emissions and the negative environmental impacts of hosting events, but it will also help to set clear goals and think long-term. 

The Roadmap will provide festival organisers with a comprehensive framework to improve sustainability across events. There are seven fields of action with actions ranging from management structures to specific practical measures. 

Holger Jan Schmidt, general secretary of Yourope and Go Group co-founder, said “Improving our festivals and increasing sustainability throughout the industry is an ongoing topic for Yourope and also for me personally. That’s why it’s a particular pleasure to present the European Green Festival Roadmap as the icing on the cake of tools we recently published – all are open source, accessible to everyone and transferable to other cultural areas. 

“We believe that the Roadmap is a big step in the only right direction. Also, it serves as an excellent basis for further exciting and helpful projects.”

Claire O’Neill, chief executive of A Greener Future, added: “After nearly two decades working with festivals worldwide for sustainability, we’re really happy to harness and share learnings in this European Green Festival Roadmap with Yourope. The roadmap helps prioritise and simplify the actions individual festivals need to take, and shines a light on areas for collective effort by the industry and beyond.”