Burning Man attendees begin to leave as conditions improve

Featured Image: Sam Mathews on Unsplash

Burning Man festival attendees have begun to leave today (Monday) after bad weather turned the annual event, which is held in a desert in Nevada, into a sea of mud. 

According to a report from the BBC, the ground was dry enough this morning for vehicles to drive without becoming stuck. Over 72,000 people had been stranded at the festival, after being warned to conserve food and water, and take shelter.

The rainstorm hit the Black Rock Desert at the end of last week, which is thought to be the heaviest sustained rainfall since the festival took place.

Burning Man festival took place between August 27 and today, and had already faced issues from Hurricane Hilary and protests from climate activists over the event’s footprint.

Organisers confirmed to the BBC that a man’s death at the event was unrelated to the bad weather, with the emergency services called to attend.

Burning Man was founded in 1986 and moved to Black Rock Desert in 1990. Its name comes from the burning of a giant effigy at the end of the event, which was supposed to take place yesterday but was delayed by one day.