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Theme park Efteling revamps ticketing, bookings with Gantner

The Python rollercoaster, Efteling

Featured image credit: Efteling

Efteling, the largest theme park in the Netherlands, has named Gantner Ticketing as its new partner across ticketing and booking services.

Efteling, which welcomes more than five million visitors per year, said it will be able to offer a more effective way to reserve tickets and services in addition to a more secure method of processing payments. The business, which is located near the city of Breda, hopes to improve the visitor experience and streamline the reservation procedure through the partnership.

The overhaul of ticketing and booking comes amid Efteling’s Vision 2030 programme which puts technology at the heart of its long-term growth plans. The business said the smart application of technology and data can allow it to better manage the park, offering guests a seamless and stress-free visit.

A Gantner spokesperson added in a statement: “They are confident that this new partnership will help them enhance their guest experience and make the booking process more efficient. Gantner Ticketing is excited about this partnership and is looking forward to a successful collaboration.”

For ticketing, booking, and point-of-sale (POS), Efteling will use the ticketing platforms Enviso and Recreatex. Gantner’s software systems will oversee the online ticketing, point-of-sale, and school/group booking processes, while its reseller portal, Enviso Trade, will make it simple for Efteling to collaborate with authorised distributors. Additionally, Gantner Ticketing plans to integrate with XAFAX, SAP, and SkiData.

Gantner also provides software for museums, zoos, cultural heritage and visitor attractions. It recently partnered with Mjus Resort & Thermal Park, Hungary, implementing access control, locker and point of sale solutions from the firm in order to complement the resort and spa’s luxury experience.