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AXS merges primary and secondary tickets

US ticketing platform AXS has merged its primary and secondary ticketing inventory under its FanSight brand.

The move sees both official and resold tickets appearing together in what it says is “one streamlined commingled purchase flow.”

The FanSight product is now available across several marquee sport teams, including NBA basketball’s Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Clippers, Minnesota Timberwolves and the Denver Nuggets, among others.

FanSight was initially launched last year as a 360-degree 3D view-from-seat experience.

“Fans will always have a ticket to buy, and the venues will always have a ticket to sell,” said Alex Hazboun, chief technology officer of AXS. “It provides access to all of the available inventory all of the time—allowing us to sell the right ticket to the right fan at the right price.”

AXS clients with this new feature are reportedly seeing dramatic increases in conversion rates when compared against primary tickets alone.

Fans can select individual seats from the seat map and cart in a single transaction. The interface includes primary, secondary, premium and ADA seats, each with their own individual virtual view from the seat via the Fansight platform.

“Our fans want a ticket they can trust, plain and simple,” said Gretchen Scheirr, chief revenue officer for the Houston Rockets.

“The commingled inventory through FanSight gives them a one-stop-shop to get the ticket that is right for them, and one they know is authentic. Both our individual and premium sales benefit, because we never have to turn a fan away.”

Image: AXS