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Eiffel Tower named Europe’s ticketing scam hotspot

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Photo by Kateryna T on Unsplash

Paris’ iconic Eiffel Tower has been named Europe’s biggest ticketing scam hotspot in a continent-wide survey.

The European Scam Index, compiled by travel insurance firm Quotezone, named the French capital city’s Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral as the tourist hotspots most likely to leave visitors feeling cheated.

More tourists left online reviews claiming they had been scammed after visiting these attractions than anywhere else in Europe – with many falling victim to fake ticketing scams in the streets around the attractions.

The index ranks popular European tourism destinations based on visitors going onto travel review websites claiming they have been scammed.

The Eiffel Tower had 537 scam mentions in traveller reviews making the attraction the place where tourists were most likely to fall victim to swindlers. Tourists complained that street tours around France’s leading attraction were a rip-off and not worth the money while others felt let down when premium summit trips were not fulfilled.

Greg Wilson, chief executive of Quotezone, said: “Visitor hotspots are focal points for anyone looking to target tourist dollars, leaving many feeling they have been short-changed.”

Visitors to France’s top five tourist attractions mentioned feeling scammed in 748 reviews – over eight times more than the country with the second highest number of scam mentions, Spain.

Wilson added: “With many companies looking to sell holidaymakers tickets to attractions, special packages or deals either before departure or while there, it’s important for people to check and make sure what they have purchased is legitimate and meets their needs.”

“It’s also worth checking to make sure that what is being promised can be fulfilled so planning in advance and doing any necessary research is recommended.

“It is also important to remember to get a police report for the loss or theft of an item as this will help support an insurance claim.”