Minimum of 260 dead after attack on Israeli music festival

Featured Image: Lukáš Kačaliak on Unsplash

Israel’s Supernova electronic music festival witnessed horror this weekend as Hamas stormed the event, which has left over 260 attendees dead.

According to a report from the BBC, rescue agency Zaka said that more than 260 bodies were recovered from the festival site, which was located in Negev desert, not far from the Gaza Strip. 

The festival began on Friday and on Saturday, Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel that has left more than 900 people dead after three days of fighting. Israeli air strikes have resulted in the death of more than 700 people, according to reports from the Palestinian authorities, but Israel has said that its border with Gaza has now been secured. 

Today (Tuesday), the United Nations agency that works with Palestinian refugees has said that more than 187,518 people have been displaced across the Gaza Strip.

The festival was being held under Brazil’s Universo Paralello brand and was taking place to coincide with the end of the Jewish festival of Sukkot. 

In a post on social media, Universo Paralello said: “We are appalled, shocked and frightened by everything that happened and we explicitly leave our revolt and our feelings to the victims of their heinous attack.”

Yaniv, an emergency medic that was called out to the scene at the festival, told public broadcaster Kan News: “It was a massacre. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. It was a planned ambush. As people came out of the emergency exits, squads of terrorists were waiting for them there and just started picking them off. 

“There were 3,000 people at the event, so they probably knew it. They had intelligence information.” 

Following the attack, Live Nation Israel announced that US artist Bruno Mars had cancelled his second concert in Tel Aviv, which was due to take place that evening. 

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