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Connect&GO reveals new reporting feature with Sigma

Featured Image: Alix blanc from Pixabay

Connect&GO has joined forces with Sigma, a provider of cloud-based analytics tools, to introduce a new integrated reporting feature for its operations management platform, Konnect. 

The collaboration will see attraction operators benefit from the use of real-time data, intuitive dashboards, and a unified platform to enhance guest experiences and grow their business.

Additionally, the new tool will offer operators a snapshot of business performance before diving into specifics through easy-to-navigate dashboards. The new feature from attractions technology provider Connect&GO will offer automatic reporting from its integrated management platform in real time, including transactions from e-commerce, point-of-sale, food and beverage, retail and rentals, as well as data from access control, cashless payments and more.

“Data is only valuable to operators if they can actually use it,” said Connect&GO senior vice-president of sales and marketing, Tara Morandi. “Our powerful new reporting tool provides operators with all the data they need to make impactful business decisions in real-time and without the need of a data analytics team to understand it.”

Operators can further upload data sets, such as forecasts and projects from other systems, and compare them in real-time against actual data, including budgets. The insights can then be used to solve day-to-day business problems, elevate guest experiences and plan more accurately for the future.

“In our quest to find the right solution for our clients, it was important for us to work with a partner who could make this as easy and frictionless as possible,” said Marc-Andre Dube, head of product, Connect&GO.

“Creating our new reporting tool with Sigma’s advanced embedded analytics technology will help us empower our customers by giving them real-time insights into park attendance, food sales and revenue without needing to navigate multiple platforms. With an optimised workflow and robust reporting insights, our clients will be better equipped to serve their business and their customers, year-round.”

Mike Palmer, chief executive of Sigma, added: “Together with Connect&GO, we are empowering attractions operators to freely access and leverage the valuable business intelligence at their disposal. The enormous amount of data that is easily accessible through their Connect&GO dashboard enables them to build forecast models and leverage live scenarios to accurately map the future and consistently provide their guests with top-notch experiences.”