Ticketmaster Presence boosts security and fan engagement

Ticketmaster is bringing airline model ticketing technology to the live events sector with its new Presence platform.

Presence replaces traditional paper tickets with ‘tap and go’ digital passes, and streamlines live event venue operations with real-time configurations, fosters personalised fan engagement, simplifies the ticket management experience, protects against fraud and enhances security.

It is built on proximity-based digital technology like NFC, RFID, and even sound. The authentication technology leverages an easy to use ‘tap and go’ venue entry system connected directly to the fan attending the event.

Ticketmaster Presence is currently in production at 32 venues across North America, and in full operation mode in Major League Soccer’s Orlando SC stadium.

A spokesperson said: “Presence is slated to continue rollout through 2017 and 2018, with global expansion. To date, over two million fans have entered venues using Presence software technology. There have been zero instances of fraud.”

Venues install Presence, including mobile hardware and revamped software, for real time map-based attendance reporting, event set-up, and enhanced ticket management.

The ticketing system aims to deliver one experience for season, plan or single ticket management. Fans are also able to easily view, transfer (via SMS, email, Facebook, or others) and post tickets for sale. Ticketmaster’s native SDK allows for clubs or venues to offer complete ticket management from within their mobile app.

Ticketmaster added: “If a venue has Ticketmaster Presence installed, fans can easily enter using their smart device or smart ticket.

“The technology is already present in smart devices like smartphones and smart watches. Fans will be able to tap their device against a token reader at a venue entry point to gain access to the event.

“The new smart ticket is wallet-sized and has a built-in unique ID chip. Fans simply tap it against a venue scanner to enter an event.”

Image: matthiasohle