IMAX signs up to use Veezi VR ticket service

IMAX and Ctrl V are among the cinema giants that have signed up to use Veezi’s new dedicated ticketing solution for the burgeoning worldwide virtual reality market.

Veezi VR, a division of the Vista Cinema-owned cloud-based cinema management solution, is already live in France, the US, Canada and New Zealand.

Veezi said testing of the system has been a success and that it is “attracting strong customer interest globally”.

The company explained that VR is a distinct segment in the ticketing business, with customers typically booking 15-minute slots, but with none of the film programming and film hire calculations associated with cinema ticketing.

“We’re seeing significant growth in the VR business world-wide, with new startups, existing exhibition circuits, and other industry players entering the market”, said Kimbal Riley, chief executive of Vista Cinema.

“Building on our expertise in the cinema ticketing business, we set out to create an offer that appealed specifically to independent operators in the VR space, operators who are often still trying to find their way in terms of the best operational and marketing models.”

Veezi’s president, Matthew Preen, said the VR sector is still in its infancy, but starting to gain real traction.

He added: “There are some unique challenges associated with the VR concept and we’re delighted to help our customers meet them.

“As part of this process, we’re spending a lot of time with our customers and other industry players to better understand what they need and deliver an outstanding solution. This conversation is also allowing our customers to tailor their strategies based on the experience we bring.”

Ctrl V franchise manager Josh Brooks said: “Veezi has been integral to Ctrl V’s expansion, making the setup of new locations as seamless as possible with Veezi’s current theatre-focused capabilities.”

IMAGE: Maurizio Pesce