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Weezevent upgrades ‘real-time’ access control management

Weezevent, the France-based event management and ticketing platform, has upgraded its backend admin tools, with a new dashboard dubbed WeezAccess.

The company claims its “new access control management and monitoring interface allows organisers to manage and monitor their attendees’ access rights – before, during and after their events. Whether there are 10, 10,000 or more, and whatever the chosen means of ticket validation (e.g. a control application, paper list, etc.), the online interface allows for simple access control from all types of screens.”

Weezevent says that this latest enhancemment is drawn from experience in delivering tech solutions for ticketing and cashless payments across its 200,000-strong client base of event organisers and leisure venues.

Since its launch, Weezevent has enabled the issue of over 50 million tickets for events of all types – including trade shows, concerts, evening events, conferences, races, and more – and, most importantly, all sizes, ranging from a handful of attendees to more than a million spectators.

Having equipped more than 200 festivals, including Rock en Seine, Hellfest, Lollapalooza and Vieilles Charrues, as well as member clubs of France’s Ligue 1 such as PSG, the UEFA Euro Fanzone, and Red Bull events, Weezevent is also a major player now in cashless payment at events.

“With WeezAccess, organisers can now monitor attendance in real-time; issue, validate and print their access lists; and display attendees’ scanning history,” reports the firm. “A comprehensive dashboard allows clients to view and analyse data in order to assess each event and improve future editions.”

The WeezAccess solution is available for free for all event organisers creating a Weezevent account.