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Activity Stream Launches Data-Powered Email Tools

Activity Stream, the AI-powered, data intelligence platform, has announced the launch of Activate, an integrated set of email campaign tools.

The company says that email remains the primary communications channel “for most organisations, but also the source of frustration for many.”

Typical issues include segmentation, design limitations, campaign evaluation, deliverability, tie in to customer records, and the complexity in setting up automations.

Building on its advanced tools for customer profiling and segmentation, Activity Stream says that it “seemed natural to explore the possibilities of rethinking email marketing for the live entertainment and sports industry, aiming for a tool that would enable marketers to set up beautiful and targeted campaigns and automations in minutes.”

The release of Activate is the result of more than six months of product development and required a complete rethinking of how customer and sales data could be used, giving the user all the value, but low complexity.

““We are so excited to be launching Activate, allowing our clients to easily create powerful campaigns that can help them achieve their goals” says Activity Stream CEO Einar Sævarsson. “Email is the primary marketing channel for live entertainment organizations and combining it with our data solution allows for greater success for organizations”

In the last two months, four major venues have been testing the tool with their input and user experiences directly feeding into product development prior this full release. The company reports that ten venues have already signed up during the beta period. Activity Stream will be hosting a series of demo webinars, showing the capabilities in detail over the coming months.