Halo launches ticket scanning solution

Featured image credit: Halo Solutions/Motorpoint Arena Nottingham

Software company Halo Solutions has launched a ticket-scanning solution that is directly linked to an incident management platform. 

The world-first integration can be accessed via the Halo app on any smartphone, meaning there is no extra software or hardware. The integration, which was built by Halo’s in-house development team, turns any smart device into a ticket scanner. 

Ticket Scanning 2.0 can mix barcode tickets, QR codes, agency and house tickets, purchased in advance or at the door. 

Halo’s transformed mobile phone scanners have an average scan time of 127 milliseconds according to the company, meaning venues can streamline queues at large events and avoid build-ups of large crowds. 

Large crowds could potentially lead to elevated risks meaning fast ticket scanning can aid security and venue staff. The fast pace also enhances the customer experience and public safety. 

The system was officially launched at Motorpoint Arena Nottingham on August 31. 

Stephen Chaston, head of operations at Motorpoint Arena, said: “On our journey so far with Halo, we have really seen, across every level, the benefits of integrating capacity control and incident management. Deployed alongside our operational teams, the Halo System helps to aid decision-making in real-time, based on accurate real-time crowd information.

“Crucially, the Halo system enables us to continue striving towards our key, constant goal to improve the event-night customer experience. With Halo’s Ticket Scanning 2.0, we deliver a vastly streamlined ingress process, with minimised queues and maximised operational efficiency.” 

Chaston added: “We are now well positioned to be the first arena venue in the UK with a safe, fast and frictionless entry process based on real-time data, which will be a key differentiator to help maximise our customers’ overall experience.”

Halo can connect event management from the staff on the ground to the control room, connecting agencies and venue functions. Teams can log and record incidents using Halo in real-time through mobile and desktop applications. The addition of the ticket-scanning functionality adds to this streamlined management for venues. 

Lloyd Major, chief executive of Halo Solutions, added: “We continue to listen to the industry and deliver the features they need. This rapid and well-designed solution for ticket scanning means we’ve managed to lower hardware costs for users, whilst simultaneously raising the standard of the activity. The clear red-amber-green screen designs, audible alerts, options and speed of our system make it stand alone easily as the best scanner on the market right now.

“Connecting that function to our incident management platform, and feeding the crowd data directly into the hands of those who need it, really empowers decision makers on the night and in their planning for future events. We have many more integrations to come and Halo v5, due for release this Winter, will be an incredible next step towards our ultimate goal: easily accessible, fully auditable and secure public safety provision for events, venues, businesses and sites of all sizes.”