Halo Solutions to offer safety platform for free to support Martyn’s Law

Featured Image: Chris Zhang on Unsplash

Software and technology company Halo Solutions has backed ‘Martyn’s Law’ by making its crowd safety, incident and threat management platform Halo (V5) available to small venues for free.

Last month, the UK Government published legislation that would help to strengthen security provisions at venues across the country. The draft Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill set out the requirements that venues and other organisations would have to meet to ensure public safety. ‘Martyn’s Law’ is a tribute to Martyn Hett, who died alongside 21 others in the Manchester Arena terrorist attack in 2017. 

A standard tier will apply to premises with a maximum capacity of 100 or more people. An enhanced tier will apply to public premises and events with a maximum capacity of 800 or more. 

Founder and chief executive of Halo Solutions, Lloyd Major, who has a background in policing and counterterrorism, made the decision following the conclusion of the Manchester Arena Bombing Inquiry. 

Major told Prolific North: “Making the entry-level Halo System available to all small businesses in the hospitality and entertainment industries is morally and ethically the right thing to do. 

“The Manchester Arena Bombing Inquiry has profoundly affected many people, not just the families of those who were injured and died. All too often we hear that ’lessons-will-be-learned’ and very rarely does anything ever change. The families and all of those affected by this tragedy need to see positive action taking place and a greater responsibility and accountability for the protection of the public against terrorism.

“With the tireless campaigning by Figen Murray OBE, the mother of Martyn Hett, to enshrine greater counter terrorism protection in law for the public, we wanted to play our small part in helping to protect the public, the timing and purpose of this as the enquiry closes really appropriate and right.” 

The system is able to integrate the monitoring and recording of multiple aspects across a venue, including ticketing, crowd management, crowd density, flow, capacity, staff information, venue checks, security protocols and more. If an incident was to happen, everything is recorded and readily available for transparency and auditing purposes. 

Major added in a LinkedIn post: “Let’s protect everyone. Not just those who can afford it. Everyone.

“So welcome to Halo, now with a free option, forever. Not a free trial. Not free for 12 months then you buy. Not free but you need to pay for training. Just free.

“Worldwide, for every event-pub-club-school-cinema-theatre-business-everywhere: under 800 capacity.”

Halo Solutions has provided its technology for events such as the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, the British Grand Prix and more. Last year, Halo Solutions launched a ticket-scanning solution that is directly linked to an incident management platform. 

The system, Ticket Scanning 2.0, was officially launched at Motorpoint Arena Nottingham.