Ticketmaster has gone live with its Facebook Messenger chatbot Ticketmaster Assistant.

Just weeks after TickX launched its first-of-its-kind virtual assistant, Ticketmaster users can also now access information and ticketing services through a text conversation.

Facebook Messenger is believed to have more than 1.2 billion monthly users, and users can now ask Ticketmaster Assistant for advice on events by date, location, genre or specific artist or team.

The examples given by Ticketmaster include; ‘Where is Ed Sheeran touring? What’s going on in LA this weekend? Find jazz shows in London’.”

Ticketmaster Assistant

In a blog, Ticketmaster said: “Start with a simple, ‘What’s happening tonight?,’ and see all the live event options in your area including concerts, sports, arts and theatre, comedy and more. Or get more specific from the beginning, ‘Is Lady Gaga playing in New York this year?‘—spoiler alert: She is and we have tickets available, but don’t take our word for it, ask for yourself.”

Ticketmaster Assistant is built using our APIs and the company said “we’ll continue to update the bot, streamline the purchase experience and add in more personality”.

It added: “Because your friends are already on Messenger it makes rallying the crew that much easier. Cutting and pasting is so 2016, use Ticketmaster Assistant to share links directly in Messenger. Buy tickets with a link that drops you seamlessly into the purchase experience at Ticketmaster, or learn more information about the event.”

Earlier this month, Steve Pearce, co-founder and chief executive of TickX, told The Ticketing Business that his company’s chatbot makes it quicker and easier for customers to find exactly what they are looking for.

“Millions of people spend hours on Facebook Messenger each day,” Pearce said, “so now they can click straight into TickX in one click. No apps to download, no need to open a website.”

Image: Ticketmaster