Groupmatics update focuses on group data insight

Groupmatics, the online group ticketing software specialist, has announced major changes to its analytics and management portal in the first part of an overhaul of its platform.

The Cleveland, Ohio-based company said the first of three phases will see it focus on client feedback. While the first version of the Groupmatics platform focused on gathering data from group members, it did not have the intelligence to provide data insights.

It said the key differences from the previous version is the emphasis on ticketing provider integrations, the availability of data, and insights on that data. The focus on partnership is evident in the group creation process.

Groupmatics, which is a partner of Ticketmaster and MLB Advanced Media, said that with the October acquisition of Prototype1 partners Oleg Fridman and Dave Hurt – and their team of developers – it has shifted its focused to provide deeper analytics and intelligence to partners.

“The discovery and design phase took much longer than expected because we turned over every stone with our internal team of experts, current partners, and potential partners. It was a tight timeline to launch before the baseball season but I’m really proud of the team for making it happen at the high level of quality they did,” said Dave Hurt, vice-president of product and operations.

“The response has been nothing but remarkable. Our internal service metrics have sky rocketed and our sales team loves showing off the new system and the new tools we’re adding almost weekly.”

Groupmatics said that due to the changes the time to build a group has been cut in half due to new integrations with ticketing providers.

The new management portal provides industry reports and analytics for every group. With these tools managers can view performance for every group their team is managing with alerts for groups who may not meet their ticket minimums.

“I think reps and marketing departments are going to gain a lot of insight from it,” said Matt Mastrangelo, chief executive of Groupmatics. “For example, a rep can see day by day, hour by hour, how many people have visited a group page, if the person came from a Facebook post, an email or a tweet, and if they purchased tickets.”