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Digital Barriers and SRI team up for facial recognition

Digital Barriers will collaborate with Super Recognisers International (SRI) on future projects after the two parties linked up to enable security staff at the recent Brit Awards at the O2 in London to use facial recognition technology.

Digital Barriers, a security technology provider, teamed up with SRI, which trains staff to identify faces in crowds, enabling follow-up face-to-face identity checks. The technology was also used at the O2 for the National Television Awards in January.

The Brit Awards, which took place last month, featured some of the biggest stars in the music industry, as well as thousands of ticket-holding fans.

Digital Barriers and SRI have agreed to collaborate on future projects, with Kenny Long, the latter’s co-founder and chief operating officer, joining the tech provider.

“The O2 is the world’s most popular music and entertainment venue, we’re continually reviewing our security measures,” O2 senior security manager Paul Williams told the Security Informed website.

“The use of facial recognition is proving to be a valuable enhancement to the security and safety of the venue, its guests and staff. The trials with Digital Barriers have been successful and we’re committed to creating a safe and secure venue for all our fans, staff and performers.”

Digital Barriers chief executive Zak Doffman added: “There are multiple companies in the facial recognition field making claims as to what their technologies can do in the real-world – most have never deployed at scale successfully and rely instead on exaggerated marketing.

“We work with government agencies around the world. Our technology is field-proven in the hardest operating environments. We are delighted with the successful deployments at The O2 and that Kenny Long is joining us. Both attest to the world-class quality of our technology.”