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Tech Stack: Concert streaming, NFTs and more…

Our weekly tech round-up from the world of ticketing and associated industries… 

Disney+ concerts 

Disney+ is now including streamed concerts among its content, with performances from the likes of K-pop favourites BTS and musical legends such as Sir Elton John. BTS’ ‘Permission to Dance on Stage’ Los Angeles concert at SoFi Stadium is now available to stream worldwide. The concert took place in late 2021. Meanwhile, Elton John’s last-ever performance in the US this November will be streamed live on the platform. 

Cinema concerts 

Sticking with streaming, Coldplay have announced there will be a special live broadcast of its Music of the Spheres Would Tour from Buenos Aires’ River Plate Stadium. The concert, which is set to take place on October 28, will be screened across thousands of cinemas in 70 different countries. It will be directed by BAFTA-winning and Grammy-nominated director Paul Dugdale. 

Toronto Film Festival opening night suffers digital ticketing issues

Those vying for tickets to the Toronto Film Festival through Ticketmaster were bombarded with issues including time-out problems. This resulted in festival-goers being unable to log in and obtain their tickets. Other issues included attendees being unable to see tickets for certain films, like ‘Swimmers’, which did not show up in their accounts. 

Festivals and NFTs

Lost Village partnered with SeatlabNFT to deploy NFT (non-fungible token) technology at the festival, with SeatlabNFT’s app downloaded over 4,500 times. The partnership aimed to create an immersive NFT festival experience, with attendees invited to join The Lost Society 2022 by claiming an NFT membership card through the SeatlabNFT mobile app. Lost Society members then received access to a three-dimensional, audiovisual and immersive experience hidden within Lost Village. 

Background image: Ales Nesetril on Unsplash