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Softjourn’s Whole Table Booking facility


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Venue mapping tools expanded

Softjourn, the full-cycle consulting and software development company, has unveiled the latest enhancements to its venue mapping tool.

Introducing two extra functionalities, Whole Table Booking and Orphan Seat Prevention, Softjourn said it aims to improve the ticketing experience for both event organisers and guests.

Softjourn’s Venue Mapping Tool now offers advanced functionality to prevent orphan seats, regardless of the seating pattern in the venue. This cutting-edge feature ensures that all sold seats are grouped together, eliminating the risk of leaving single seats unsold.

Responding to feedback from event organisers, Softjourn has developed the whole table booking functionality to address the need for a streamlined and efficient way to manage table bookings at events. With this new feature, event organisers can sell a complete table of tickets together, allowing groups of friends or colleagues to sit together and enjoy the event as a unified unit.

Arts venues integrate pricing solution

Arts and culture venues can now utilise an integrated, full-service pricing solution option through a new partnership between Tessitura and Vatic.

Vatic’s 16 proprietary algorithms help marketers find the right price for every performance. Automated dynamic pricing tools shift ticket prices up or down in alignment with customers’ buying behaviour and perceptions about an event’s value.

Vatic fully integrates with Tessitura’s CRM and ticketing platform to allow instant updates across all ticketing price types, including discounts. Reports also update automatically each day, allowing for in-depth analysis about the effect of pricing adjustments.

NFT tix to celebrate Japanese movie icon

Japanese movie fans can collect digital NFT cards for the iconic Farewell My Concubine after it was rereleased to mark the 20th anniversary of star Leslie Cheung’s passing.

The cards have been created by Mov, a WEB 3.0 blockchain based, next-generation global movie platform after it partnered with online movie advance ticketing platform Mubichike.

Whoever purchases an online movie ticket for Farewell My Concubine 4K on the Mubichike website will receive a limited edition digital collection card on the Mov digital collectible marketplace featuring Cheung on an out-of-print Hong Kong film magazine, City Entertainment Magazine.

Knowsley benefits from new app

Knowsley Safari and its visitors are benefitting from the launch of a customisable visitor mobile app which combines digital ticketing and immersive features.

With 1,500 app downloads during the first week of launch, the attraction, which welcomes 600,000 visitors per year, said it is benefitting from new ways to engage its audience both on and off site, while better understanding how people spend their time during a visit.

The app, which was developed by n-gage, allows the park to enhance the previous safari drive experience, while also creating other engaging and immersive trail experiences, with triggered in-app content and notifications across the park.

Ian Duke, Knowsley Safari marketing manager, said: “The fact that we can now manage our visitor’s interactive digital experience day to day, means we’re able to be far more innovative in our approach to on-site audience engagement.

“And from an operational perspective, we’re able to help our visitors plan and manage their day more effectively, from integrating with digital ticketing through to interactive mapping and wayfinding.”

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