Live Nation partners with Fuze Technology to bring mobile charging to concerts and festivals

Featured Image: Live Nation/Fuze Technology

Entertainment giant Live Nation has partnered with Fuze Technology, a consumer technology start-up, to offer its mobile charging solution, chargeFuze, for fans at concerts and festivals across the US. 

Fans will now be able to rent a portable phone charger by visiting a chargeFuze kiosk, located at Live Nation’s venues and festivals, and scanning a QR code. Users will then be able to return the charger or keep it for a small fee.

“From digital tickets and mobile payments to navigating festivals and capturing and sharing memories on social media, the phone is now a critical part of experiencing live music events,” said Jessica Isaacs, Live Nation’s vice-president of brand management. “Our partnership with Fuze ensures fans stay connected throughout concerts and festivals without worrying about their battery life, and we’re excited about the convenience this partnership will bring them.”

Fuze Technology co-founders Brandon Afari and Ryan Levy added: “The collaboration between Live Nation and Fuze is a testament to how deeply we understand the evolving needs of live music enthusiasts.

“In today’s world, smartphones are at the heart of the concert experience. With this partnership, we’re not just offering a service; we’re ensuring that fans remain engaged and connected at  events without the anxiety of a dying battery. It’s about elevating the entire live music experience for them.”