Ticmint launches in the UAE with plans to expand to India

Featured Image: Diane Picchiottino on Unsplash

A new blockchain-based ticketing start-up has launched in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with further plans to expand into India. 

According to a report from Gulf News, Ticmint is entering the market in the UAE with plans to expand following a successful pilot programme and market research. The aim of the blockchain-powered platform is to help combat fraud, scalping and provide controlled access to the secondary market.

Darren Hepworth has been brought in by Ticmint as senior advisor, after working as a member of the FIFA Ticketing team for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Hepworth has also held the position of vice-president at Ticketmaster Middle East.

Ticketing providers will be able to integrate Ticmint’s Ticbolt tool, allowing them to utilise the benefits of Web3. Ticmint also offers an end-to-end ticketing solution that presents venues and event promoters with additional revenue opportunities, through secondary market trading and collectibles, and the ability to manage, track and control tickets.

Omar Sarieddine, co-founder and Ticmint, told Gulf News: “We are thrilled to bring Ticmint’s transformative ticketing platform to the diverse markets of the UAE and India. Our mission is to revolutionise the ticketing experience, empower fans, artists, and event promoters, and enhance trust, transparency, and security in the ticketing ecosystem through blockchain technology.”

Fellow Ticmint co-founder Abdulla Hisham, added: “We go beyond ticket sales, driving controlled secondary markets, seamless access control, fostering inclusivity, and setting the stage for unforgettable events.”

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