Winter Youth Olympics deploys Alibaba Cloud ticketing service

The Winter Youth Olympics in Gangwon has selected Alibaba Cloud to host its ticketing and other tech services.

Alibaba Cloud, the official cloud services partner of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), is accommodating the Gangwon 2024 organising committee’s major platforms for operations, including the staff management portal and ticketing system.

Alibaba Cloud is the digital technology and intelligence division of Alibaba Group, the multinational technology company. In 2021, it launched a cloud-based ticketing system for digital ticketing at sporting events, as well as a solution to streamline the organisation of large-scale sporting events.

Anne-Sophie Voumard, managing director of IOC Television & Marketing Services, said: “Gangwon 2024 is about using sport to bring together talented young people from around the world.

“Our ongoing partnership with Alibaba Cloud enables us to continue exploring creative ways to engage with our worldwide audience and sports fans, while enhancing operational efficiency using the latest proven cloud technologies.”

High-traffic scenarios

Gangwon 2024 is taking place in the South Korean province until early February. It brings together over 1,900 young athletes aged between 15 and 18 from 81 countries and regions to take part in 15 disciplines including Alpine Skiing and Curling.

Alibaba said: “The Gangwon 2024 Organising Committee… has deployed its Ticketing System on Alibaba Cloud, leveraging the stability, elasticity and scalability of cloud computing to ensure uninterrupted services, even during high-traffic scenarios such as ticket sales campaigns, and on-site ticket checking for event times.

“Supported by Alibaba Cloud’s elastic computing and network security products, the ticketing system of Gangwon 2024 is able to support over 460,000 spectators during the 14 days.”