Ticketmaster app adds Apple Music

Ticketmaster’s iOS app now includes Apple Music integration, in an enhancement that allows users to more easily find upcoming concerts based on what’s in their Apple Music library.

The update pushes the app 1.10.2 and makes it significantly more convenient to discover music lovers’ favourite artists are touring.

Users that download the latest version of Ticketmaster from the App Store are prompted to give the app access to their Apple Music library. If they choose to do so, Ticketmaster will scan their library for artists and offer the opportunity to receive push notifications about tours. Users that allow access to location services will also find out about nearby concerts.

Ticketmaster said: “Integration with Apple Music is a notable update for Ticketmaster as it makes it easier for users to know when their favourite artists are touring.”

Ticketmaster follows Nike+ Run Club and Shazam in adding Apple Music integration.