True Tickets announces Apple Wallet integration

Featured Image: Camille Roux on Unsplash

True Tickets, a provider of secure contactless digital ticketing solutions, has revealed an integration with Apple Wallet. 

The new feature will leverage the convenience and notification capabilities of Apple Wallet, while maintaining security and control through True Tickets’ digital ticket delivery system.

True Tickets is set to showcase its Apple Wallet integration to select clients at the Tessitura Learning and Community Conference in August, with a broad release due for a later date.

As part of the integration, True Tickets partner venues will have the option to use the company’s rules engine to select which tickets they want to display the new ‘Add Apple Wallet’ button in their branded digital ticket wallets. Ticket-holders will also be able to receive push notifications and updates related to the show directly to their phones, if this function is enabled.

Kirk Mortensen, head of product at True Tickets, said: “The performing arts organisations we work with have long wanted to allow their patrons to add digital tickets to their Apple Wallets. Before, this would have meant sacrificing their ability to know who is sitting in their seats and how they got that ticket.

“Giving our customers the convenience of Apple Wallet while still helping them build relationships with previously unknowable audience members and ensuring those patrons aren’t exploited by bad actors is a great achievement by our top-notch team of engineers.”

Mortensen added: “We’re constantly striving to bring our technological expertise together with a deep understanding of our customers’ needs. This new Apple Wallet capability is just the latest example of how that approach allows us to innovatively solve problems with the ticketing experience for our clients and their patrons.”

John Jakovich, chief innovation officer at Tessitura, said: “True Tickets’ new Apple Wallet integration is another great step forward in our partnership. Their product delivers the security, insight, and convenience which magnifies and enhances the Tessitura platform.”