Tech Stack: Payments, productivity tools & more

Image by Albrecht Fietz from Pixabay

Our weekly tech round-up from the world of ticketing and associated industries…

Eventbrite’s new tools enhance financial flexibility

Eventbrite has introduced two new features, Instant Payouts and Tap to Pay, aimed at providing event organisers with enhanced financial flexibility and operational efficiency.

Instant Payouts allows organisers to withdraw funds from ticket sales before the event, with deposits arriving within minutes, for a small fee. Instant Payouts provides organisers with control over their finances, empowering them to plan even better events with earlier access to sales proceeds.

Tap to Pay, included for all users at no cost, allows event organisers to accept cashless payments, both at the door and beyond, without any additional costs. Enabling contactless payments directly on their mobile devices eliminates the need for dedicated payments hardware.

The features are currently rolling out to eligible organisers in the US and are expected to be fully available in the next few weeks, with global availability slated by the end of the year.

Surreal expands agent productivity tool

Surreal has made its agent productivity tool available for clients worldwide after an initial launch in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

The tool is designed to eliminate unnecessary administrative burdens, with a suite of features including power scheduling and booking, artist management, offer and booking system, automated payments and more.

The power scheduling and booking tool enables agents to book across multiple venues, simultaneously, see their artists’ availabilities and clashes, and book automatically through the app.

“It’s like the power of Google Calendar and spreadsheets, but built specifically for agent workflows,” said COO Alan Jin.

PickleJar goes live with FanVivo solution

PickleJar Entertainment Group has launched its digital marketing services solution, FanVivo, to assist artists and venues connect with new fans and create a more engaging experience for existing ones.

FanVivo was designed to help PickleJar Network Partners enhance their online presence, seamlessly connect performances and content, sell products online, and make it easier for artists and venues to market to their fans overall.

Within this new service offering, PickleJar now offers the use of their customised WordPress plugin to connect all information on both the PickleJar Live app to the artist or venue websites. Additionally, artists and venues will work directly with PickleJar Brand Managers who will provide monthly brand advisory services including analytics and analysis, campaign management and editorial calendar consultation.