EQ Tickets adds new social networking features

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Ticketing marketplace EQ Tickets has added new social networking features with the aim of helping fans of the same teams, events, or musical artists find each other.

The developers used the example of someone staying away from home wanting to go to a local sports game, who would be able to use the platform to find another fan who also did not want to attend alone.

A bookmarking feature has also been implemented to enable users to signal their interest in upcoming events to others who could then reach out to connect.

The system can be used by existing friends, as users can manually search for others and invite them.

“There’s diehards around sports and entertainment,” said co-founder Aaron Caradonna, as reported by TechCrunch.

“So I think people are going to find a lot of new friends. They’re probably in chat rooms and separated right now and don’t even know that the other exists.”

Another addition sees the possibility for fans to buy tickets to a fan tailgating event or afterparty in addition to tickets for a match.

These are the latest updates in a series of new features that have been quickly rolled out by the developers.

Late last year saw the addition of a home page, category pages, and performer pages to its user interface after taking on customer feedback.

The platform’s creators implemented the additions after users said they needed inspiration when making plans.

The home page is said to help customers find events that are relevant to them across music, sport, comedy, and more in seconds.

The category pages will help people to filter through event types to find the specific genres, sport, or type of show that they are looking to attend.

The performer pages then organise information by favourite artists and teams so that the customer can decide exactly which tour date they want to go to.

The updates are hoped to help fans find the events they are interested in faster.

EQ Tickets formed as a start-up company and is backed by $2m (£1.5m/€1.8m) in seed funding from Sage Venture Partners, which is led by early Apple investor Fred Warren.

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