Secutix expands in Latin America with FanTix

Photo by Cristian Tarzi on Unsplash

Secutix, the cloud ticketing and engagement platform, is partnering with FanTix to expand into LATAM sports.

The partners successfully deployed a blockchain-based digital souvenir ticket during the U20 FIFA World Cup tournament held in Argentina in June. This innovation marked a significant milestone in the ticketing industry with a single platform delivering the secure ticket and souvenir in a controlled digital wallet and reflects Secutix’s commitment to revolutionising the fan experience worldwide.

FanTix, a full-service ticketing company, is based in Miami, Florida, with operations in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“The LATAM market is hyper local with complex requirements which is why the partnership with FanTix is so exciting as part of our strategy to grow the Americas,” said Michael McDermott, general manager of Secutix Americas.

“FanTix brings a unique combination of LATAM market expertise and relationships to deliver a full-service solution to address these challenges. We look forward to continuing our partnership with FanTix and exploring new avenues to enhance ticketing processes for major sporting events.”

The initial deployment introduced Secutix’s blockchain based digital wallet to deliver secure mobile match-day tickets and special edition blockchain souvenir tickets for the tournament. Secutix says that leveraging blockchain technology ensures the immutability and authenticity of each ticket, eliminating the risk of counterfeit tickets and enhancing security for fans.

“Our technology not only enhances the confidence for fans to know they have a valid ticket to attend the match, it also opens up new possibilities for fans to commemorate their attendance at major sporting events,” said Carlos Abriata, chief executive of FanTix. “I understand the passion of the Argentinian football fan and am honoured to provide them with a much better ticketing experience to assist the stadiums and have a special way to remember their experience.”

FanTix, in collaboration with Secutix, has also reached an agreement with the Argentine Football Association (AFA) for the world champions’ 2026 FIFA World Cup qualification competition (CONMEBOL). This strategic partnership solidifies FanTix’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge ticketing solutions and ensures a seamless and secure ticketing experience for fans attending the highly anticipated 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

The partners said: “With this collaboration, AFA and FanTix aim to enhance the accessibility and efficiency of ticketing operations while maintaining the highest standards of security. Through the integration of blockchain technology, fans can expect an improved and hassle-free ticketing experience, bolstered by enhanced data protection and fraud prevention measures.”